Jesus Is So Much Better Than The Church

I used to think that if everyone was a christian then the world would be perfect, I was wrong.

Jesus is truly captivating, he attracts people, loves people and helps people, he heals people and gives them hope.

The Church is a collection of people who have been captivated by Jesus but that doesn’t make us perfect. We bring all our strengths and all our problems with us into the community of the Church so we may be better together but we have loads of problems too.

People can get hurt in Church more often than anyone likes to admit. It took me a long time to really understand that if the Church isn’t as loving and accepting and supporting as you need, even if the Church flat out rejects you that is evidence of the broken nature of the Church and it is so very sad but it is the mistakes of humanity. It never means that Jesus has rejected you.

Jesus doesn’t reject people, he doesn’t let people down, he doesn’t abandon people or loose patience with people. He just doesn’t give up on people no matter how broken we are. Jesus is the one who captivates people and helps people.

Of course that means rather wonderfully: Jesus doesn’t reject the Church, he doesn’t let the Church down, he doesn’t abandon the Church, or loose patience with the Church. He just doesn’t give up on the Church no matter how broken we are. Jesus is the one that captivates the Church and helps the Church.

If you have been hurt by Church I’m so very sorry. My prayer for you is that the failures of the followers of Jesus wouldn’t keep you from him.

God Bless

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