Do You Want What You Dread

Sometimes what you want to happen and what you don’t want to happen are one and the same.

Jesus Came to Earth to die for our sins, to wash us clean, and to be raised so that we may have eternal life. When the time came for him to actually go to be tortured and killed he pleaded with God to find another way. He pleaded to avoid the pain of what was coming but God knew that it was necessary, he knew it had to happen.

We do the same thing with so many situations, we try anything to get out of something we’ve been working towards for so long. Think of it, first days universally suck even if it is the first day of a job we have always wanted, first dates are usually not brilliant even when we have really wanted this girl to agree to a date for ages.

Whatever we want, we have to go through the difficult, awkward, uncomfortable parts.

Jesus knows what that is like, he had to go through something so much worse than most of us will ever go through, he chose to face it. He could have run away, he could have called an army of angels to come down and carry him back to Heaven, he didn’t. Yes he didn’t look forward to the pain of the cross (who would) but when he saw that was the only way to achieve what he wanted to he chose to go through it.

Whatever your facing, if you need to go through it to get to where you want to be, where you need to be, choose to go through it, Jesus will go through it with you.

God Bless

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