Recently various Youtubers have been accused of being manipulative and abusing a position of power to have their way with various young girls.

Some of the things they have been accused of are terrible things that any reasonable person would be against such as the abuse of a position of power, sexual harassment and rape.

I would never condone that sort of behaviour and I think it is absolutely vital that people who have experienced it or witnessed it speak up.

The problem of the internet is that thousands of people who have no direct involvement and no real knowledge of what went on in any of these situations feel they have the right to weigh in on what is a very private and very difficult time for all involved. I feel very uncomfortable with third parties taking accusations which haven’t been upheld by any court of law and using them as a basis to call for those accused to be banished from Youtube especially as this is a primary source of income for most of those accused.

Of course I also hate to think that victims of such awful acts should feel they have been ignored or that their abusers have been allowed to continue unaffected. I have to believe that the correct place to bring such accusations is to a court of law not to a Youtube comment thread.

If punishment is handed out in a comment thread I worry that there will never be any chance for forgiveness, for allowing all involved to realize mistakes made and to become better people in the future. It may seem odd to start talking about forgiveness in such a situation, surely rapists and abusers, (if that is what these Youtubers are ever proved to be in a court) don’t deserve forgiveness. Surely they deserve whatever punishment and public backlash is coming their way. Perhaps, but if a victim never forgives they can never truly move on and their life becomes about making sure their abuser continues to suffer which is not much of a life. This means that forgiveness is important to allow the victim to move on as much as to allow the abuser a chance to move forward and become a better person.

Ultimately the only person any of us has to answer to is God and he knows exactly what has gone on in every person’s life. He is the only one who can truly make a fair judgement about any of us. With all that knowledge of everything all of us has ever done or will ever do God could persecute all of us for things we’ve done wrong but he doesn’t. His response to sin, (his response to our stupidity, selfishness and all the evil things we do) was to send his own son to live with us, love us and die for us that we may be forgiven.

Only God has the right to judge us and he has forgiven us.

“But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.” 1 John 1:9

God Bless

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