Day 7

Weekends are so important that sometimes we have to have them in the middle of the week.

As much as modern culture and our bosses might like it if we worked day and night every day that just doesn’t work. We need our weekend’s, we need our rest.

God in his wisdom began the Bible by modelling a good principle of rest. He rested on day 7. Once a week, at least, we need to put aside the pressure and the deadlines that we deal with the rest of the time and we need to just rest.

I am either brilliant at this or terrible depending on how you look at it. I make every day about working or writing, often both. Now I have to work because I have to have money because I have this food habit I just can’t seem to kick and I have to write because that is all I want to do with my life.

I love to write but sometimes I have to stop, sometimes if I just keep writing I make less and less progress, I write drivel that doesn’t make sense, I sit for hours and come away with only a few lines on the page.

God made a world and everything in it and then he rested, I’m just trying to write a book but I need my rest too. Whatever you’re trying to do, whatever you work at day after day, give yourself a break, you’ll work better for the rest.

God Bless

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