Choosing To Connect

Why do we actually bother talking to each other?

Because we’re bored, because we don’t have the answers for everything, because we wan’t someone to like us or care about us or even love us.

These and many more answers to that question are as old as time.

Why do we avoid talking to each other?

Because we’re busy, because we think we can do everything alone, because we might be judged, because we might have to do something for another person if we let them into our lives.

These answers are just as old.

What is brand new is a way of life where we have a choice! Every generation before us has had to talk to each other to be able to hunt or fight or work or buy food or learn anything or even be entertained.

Now life can be lived without leaving the house, we can work from home and have food and everything else delivered, we can talk to the other side of the world without getting dressed or even getting out of bed.

Now that we have a choice a lot of us choose to live most of our lives online at home, to live through the internet, we are the first generation who can let fear of the world keep us inside where it’s comfortable rather than simply having to face it like every generation before us.

God made us for relationships and we are the first generation that must choose to connect with the world. What choice will you make?

God Bless

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