Momentum, The Best And The Worst Thing

The feeling we get when we finally get some traction on something we’ve been trying to do, when an idea starts to turn into a reality, when an interview turns into a job, when hard work turns into a promotion, that feeling is wonderful. It’s even better when we get some proper momentum, when the things that we are doing seem to have a force and a power of their own, when life keeps moving forward and we keep moving forward at speed.

They say it takes a lot more power to get something stationary to start to move than to keep something that’s already moving, moving. That is absolutely true and it’s a good job to, if every day was as hard as the first few when we’re just getting started would any of us carry on with anything.

The thing about momentum that’s really got me thinking this week is the importance of making sure the momentum you have is pointing toward something you actually want. Maybe you’re flowing with the momentum of a choice you made a long time ago but you haven’t stopped to think whether you still agree with the choice you made. What’s even worse is when you realize you never made a choice, you followed the crowed and built your life around the momentum of a life lived the way the world expects.

I don’t have much momentum in anything at the moment and I was starting to get really frustrated with that but just this week I’ve begun to look at it as something of an opportunity to really choose the direction I want to go in, to shake of decisions I made years ago and make new ones.

Whether you have loads of momentum in life or you can’t seem to get anything moving I pray you’ll take some time and think about what direction you really want to be going in.

God Bless

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