You Are Not Worthless – God Loves You, You Should To

Good things happen to good people, I must be bad.

I heard that in a youtube video the other day where a kid reads a letter he’s written to his parents about the effect their divorce is having on him. I would challenge anyone to listen to that and not feel for any kid going through that.

It’s an illogical thing to think but it’s so easy to start thinking that way. Even as an adult it is easy to start blaming yourself for the things that happen to you or around you, things that you could never have changed.

That’s the way many victims of domestic violence think as well isn’t it. They think that they must be bad because otherwise they wouldn’t get hit, otherwise they wouldn’t get abused.

That simply is not true.

Bad things happen to good people and to bad people.

If your parents are hurting you by putting you in the middle of their arguments, if your partner is beating you, if you are being bullied that doesn’t mean you are bad, it means you are in a bad situation.

Every human being needs to be loved and valued that is why we have to be purposeful in loving our partners and our kids and our friends, purposeful in valuing them.

We must also be purposeful in valuing and loving ourselves, in accepting ourselves as we are and finding things to love about ourselves. By all means recognise your faults and work on improving but don’t ever fall into thinking that you are nothing but faults. If we love and accept ourselves we can face the world confident in our own value.

If you ever lose sight of your own value remember that God loves you, he sees value in you. Don’t let anyone tell you that God doesn’t love you, I don’t care if you’re ugly, beautiful, short, tall, clumsy, stupid, clever, straight, gay, fat, thin, old or, young, God loves you and you should love you too.

God Bless

Here’s the video I mentioned

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