Pain Is Not Who You Are

Pain can hold us captive.

I’ve always thought Stockholm syndrome was an interesting concept but something that is quite difficult to understand. It just seems obvious to me that any of us would pit ourselves against people that hold us captive, surely the last thing we would do is grow attached to our captors or defend them.

Recently I’ve begun to understand how someone could become attached to their captor. People like me who have been through something very painful (my father committed suicide when I was 11) can be in the middle of that pain for years, perhaps even a lifetime.

Personally when I finally saw healing on my horizon I fled back into my pain, I had lived with the pain for so long I didn’t know what I would be without it. I would have never let the pain go on my own but God is such a patient healer, he’ll go just a slow as you need but if you are his he will never stop working to help you, to heal you, to show you what you can be when you let go of the pain that is so deep in you that it has come to define you.

Some people have a misconception that following God should give us a life devoid of struggle, it doesn’t. When we are following God we will still struggle but we will never be alone in that struggle and we will never be abandoned, we will always have someone to stand with us and help us in whatever we’re going through.

Stop defining yourself by your pain, let go of it, let God take it. Define yourself by the God who loves you.

God can set us free.

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