Honest Love

We are the most honest with the people that we trust the most, that we’re closest to.

Trouble is it doesn’t really work the way that suggests, we don’t grow closer and closer and gradually get more honest. At some point we have to choose to be honest and that is what breeds closeness. It is when we open ourselves up and are honest about who we are and what we think that we can be accepted for who we are and be truly close.

If we live by Hollywood’s example we’d all spend every day being whatever we thought the people around us wanted and maybe we’d all be in relationships which looked wonderful but not one of us would be loved for who we honestly are. None of it would be real.

God gives us a different example. He is honest with us that we are far from perfect. He doesn’t deny our faults or ask us to, he loves us just as we are and his love for us makes us better. That is the only way love can really work. Find someone who you can be honest with and who will love you in your imperfection. That love will make you want to be better every day because you’ll want to honour the incredible gift you’ve been given.

Honesty is the most important thing for every relationship. If a relationship isn’t built on truth it’s never going to be what you want it to be.

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