The Unchanging God

I just saw a post on Facebook that said

If women woke up tomorrow and decided they really liked their bodies think how many industries would go out of business.

The really interesting thing is that could be said about so many things. What happens if men all decided they were fine with hair growing on their face, razor companies would collapse. What if everyone decides they’re gonna watch their movies at home on their big flat-screens with surround sound, the cinemas would all shut down pretty quick.

There are so many things that we think of as constants that will never really change but most stuff is just culture and tradition and habit. Most stuff is really recent and transient, if we look at even one century of history we see how much things change.

When we see how temporary everything is it can be very scary so we try to forget, we try to make it feel more permanent and stable but what we need to do is look to God who is actually permanent and stable. The way we worship him has changed a lot, what our Churches look like has changed a lot, but he never has. God is unchanging, he doesn’t rely on fashion or the economy or habits and traditions, he just is!

He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Once we really know that, life can twist and turn and change all it wants and we will look to him who stands strong and unchanging in the middle of everything and who loves us through it all.

God Bless

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