God’s Gate

I went walking up into the hills north of town today. I like to walk through the countryside when I’m feeling down and need to be reminded of the size and beauty of what God has made for us. I came across a gate that someone had written on,

2015-01-11 12.07.33

This gate is high up the side of a hill where you can see for miles around. From up there the beautiful rolling hills and the river winding through into town dwarf even the tall tower of the power station (Below Right) in size and beauty and yet as I looked around me there each bush and blade of grass was intricate and beautiful to the smallest detail.

If you are feeling worn down by the heaviness and dreariness of everyday life, wander into nature, wander into God’s creation and see what he has made for us to enjoy, it’s so worth looking at. When I look at views like these I marvel at the majesty of God.

2015-01-11 12.11.07 2015-01-11 12.11.11

God Bless

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