The Fault In All Our Stars

So this week I finally read The Fault In Our Stars (in two days flat) and followed that up by watching the movie.

If you don’t know it is the story of a terminally ill cancer patient who meets a boy.

I have a cold at the moment which is aggravating my asthma and making it difficult to breath at times which feels really odd when I think that Hazel Grace (the main character of stars) has lung cancer and therefore her lungs are as she describes them, “Lungs that suck at being lungs”. As I wheezed my way through watching the film last night it struck me how every one of us has a fault in our stars, something wrong with us, some disease, condition or circumstance that we must live with. We are all faulty stars and we can’t let that stop us living our lives.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are no perfect people, God loves, accepts and uses broken people. He doesn’t have a plan B.

God Bless

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2 Responses to The Fault In All Our Stars

  1. Godswill says:

    He sure has no plan B’s up until we prove not usable!

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