The Wrong Time?

This year my Church has a reading plan that we are all following so that the entire congregation can read the new testament in a year (one chapter a day weekdays). Me being me I am not reading each day but reading ahead or leaving it to the last minute and reading a whole weeks worth on Sunday morning. I’m not the only one either, the first Sunday of the year when we’d only had two days readings to do the Pastor asked whether anyone had used Saturday or even Sunday to catch up on missed readings and about a third of the Church put up their hands including me and the Pastor.

This whole thing just makes me think that it is so stupid when we worry about doing things at exactly the right time. Maybe you’ve left something and left something and you think the time has long since passed but as the cliche goes late is better than never. Maybe you are waiting for the right time but it never seems to come, why not take a punt on slightly rubbish timing rather than giving up completely.

There was a family at my old Church who were late to every service, they would always rush in as it was starting or halfway through the second song. They could easily have thought that because they had got the timing wrong they may as well not bother with the service but then they would have missed out on decades of Church.

Some people say timing is everything. It helps but it really isn’t everything. God doesn’t care when you show up, just that you do, he doesn’t care when you read your Bible, just that you do. God can turn awful timing into perfect timing.

God Bless

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