Choosing Church

When two things come along at once it can be really annoying but it is also the time when we work out who we are and perhaps even more importantly who we want to be. Perhaps you have a choice between two jobs, or two Churches, or two partners, or two places to live.

These are the moments when we are truly torn, when we could go either way and we know that whichever decision we make will change our life in a huge way.

As difficult as it can be choosing between two new things that come along I think it is even harder when a new thing comes along because we looked for it, because we had all but given up on what we had and then at the moment of choice, the point of no return, we start to remember just why we loved what we had. We wonder if we’re making the right choice.

At the moment I am between Churches. I have been going to one Church for a few months but I still help with the youth work in one of the midweek groups at my old Church. It has come time to decide whether to make my move complete or return. The trouble is the prospect of severing ties with my old Church is difficult and the idea that I will ever feel at home in my new Church is still a vague one set in a distant future. I feel like a person in the Church divide, that weird space that exists when you’re unsure where you should be, like a person without a Church. I don’t really feel like either Church is mine and I’m not sure I want to give up either one.

If, like me, you’re struggling to make a decision, look to God, I don’t know the answer to this one yet but God has a long history of guiding me to the right choices. Above all else I trust him and I recommend you do the same.

God Bless

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