God’s Timing, Working While You Wait

Good things come to those who wait but nothing worth having in life comes easy.

Don’t you just love contradictions.

I have spent years developing incredible patience (being a youth leader will do that to you) but if I just wait for things to come they never will.

There’s a sort of concept that I’ve heard in Church a few times that unites the two sayings above really well.

Don’t stop praying or working for the things that matter, you never know when you could be moments away from success.

The idea is really that our timing isn’t God’s timing, we may have been praying for years for someone to be saved or for a change in the way our Church is led or whatever. We may have been praying and working for something for so long that we think it will never happen but God’s timing is different.

I prayed for some of my friends to become Christians so many times when I was at High school, of the four or five people I mostly hung out with not one became a Christian while I was at school with them but two of them became Christians at Uni. It wouldn’t have been the timing I would have chosen but it was God’s timing so even if you think God isn’t listening, persevere in praying, it really is worth it.

Wait on God but never stop working on your faith, your dreams or your relationships.

God Bless

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