A New Way To Love

One thing that I hate about getting older is that with every passing year things that I used to be so passionate about seem less and less important to me. The scariest thing about that is that my faith isn’t immune from that process and there have been loads of times in the last few years when I’ve really thought that it might just keep diminishing until one day it just wouldn’t be there.

It took me a long time to realise that the way I relate to my faith is evolving into something which is less led by feelings and more permanent. The difference between my faith then and now is massive. It’s the difference between the first flush of passion that makes teenagers write awful poetry and the enduring love that can turn the everyday into a beautifully simple poetry between two people who count the length of their love in decades.

I never stop changing, much as I may desperately fight against it sometimes, and neither do you, so what we have to do is let go of the things that have faded from us and value the different pleasures of our ever increasing age.

However you change, whoever you become keep learning to love God. Love him passionately or love him steadfastly or love him with whatever scrap of love you find within yourself in the really difficult times, just keep loving him cause he’ll never stop loving you.

God Bless

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One Response to A New Way To Love

  1. Max Savery says:

    Hmmm, just what I was thinking about. Thanks for inspiring some thoughts, namely, how will my faith and passion fluctuate as I age…

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