Life Looks Different

I have been away on two very different holidays in the last two weeks. The thing that really surprises me is that coming home life looks different.

First I went to Spring Harvest in Somerset with my Mum and Step Dad. I spent four great days surrounded by Christianity, (and one quite unpleasant day in the chalet’s bathroom due to a sickness bug which is going through everyone we know). For those days I woke up each morning and walked along a beautiful stretch of coast, I spent the afternoons listening to great speakers and the evenings in worship with thousands of Christians led by Graham Kendrick.

After a weekend at home I spent five days in Hastings with my Brother, his partner and their two kids. I was the only Christian there, I woke up each morning to the noise of my almost three year old nephew talking to my brother, I spent my days playing with kids toys and going on arcade machines and eating ice cream on the beach. I spent my evenings watching films with my brother.

I became a Christian at a big festival, I am used to meeting powerfully with God at these things. I am used to the wonderful and bonkers things that happen when we set aside a load of time to seek God and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. What continues to surprise me is the number of times in recent years that I’ve had a quieter time at these events and then come home to find I am not the same as I was when I went. I come home feeling the same but my life looks different because God has changed me.

This year I was changed far more by my second week away. There wasn’t another Christian in sight, I didn’t go to a worship meeting or a seminar or do anything overtly Christian at all. I helped my nephew put on his shoes, I held my niece while she cried, and I did so many other little things for these two gorgeous children who are part of my family.

God never stops working in his people, he can do the huge and dramatic change but it is just as beautiful when he changes your heart in the little things so that you look at your life and it looks different, so that you are moved to change for the better.

I pray that God would help each of us to see our life differently, to see the opportunities that we have and to see the mistakes that we are making. I pray that God would change our hearts and that we would be moved to change our lives and that those lives, lived for him, would change the world.

Don’t be afraid to start small, God isn’t.

God Bless.

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