The Holy Push Up

The push up is such a simple exercise. The really elegant thing about it is that everyone is lifting a different weight but it is rarely one we can’t handle because we are lifting ourselves. Of course there are some people that have accumulated so much extra baggage in their lives that they can’t lift the weight, they just simply can’t lift themselves. Once you cross that line it must be so very difficult to come back.

The Bible tells us that faith is like that except that while we still live there is never a point beyond which we can’t come back because God never allows us to be crushed under a weight that is too heavy for us to lift. What God does is lift almost all of the weight, he just leaves whatever little bit we can manage, of course he could lift it all himself but he loves for us to be involved. The thing that we really have to remember if we’ve been Christians for a while, and we start getting proud, is that God is still carrying the lion’s share of our weight. However much we grow he is still doing most of the work.

There’s a reason why I still think that Footprints (by Mary Stevenson) paints such a powerful image of this idea: that looking back on a life lived with God there are two sets of footprints in the sand, except in the worst parts of life when only a single set walks on because this is when God carries us.

Start lifting the weight you can, God will do the rest.

God Bless

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