Election 2015 – Jesus Christ for PM

Today is election day here in the UK. This is a ridiculously close election where no one seems quite sure who to vote for. I voted an hour ago and even as I stood in the polling station looking at my ballot paper I still felt unconvinced by the leaders of the biggest parties. Each one seems to be a genius and an idiot in equal measure (except Nigel Farage, who is very entertaining on TV but would be a disaster if he was allowed to be in control of anything.)

The worst thing about this election is that, amidst all the uncertainty, the only thing anyone seems really sure of is that no one will win. There are 650 seats in the house of commons so the magic number is 326. With that many seats a party is larger than all others combined and it’s leader can become the Prime Minister and form a government without delay but, looking at the polls, it is almost inconceivable that either of the two largest parties (Labour and the Conservatives) will hit that number. It will come down to the parties making deals in the coming days to try to form a government.

This all makes me so glad that as a Christian I have exactly the leader I would want in Jesus. He is a leader filled with wisdom and strength, a leader who’s moral compass is set firm but is filled with compassion for his people who all fall short of his example. He is a leader who does not set himself above us but came down among us and sacrificed himself for us.

Whoever you voted for and whatever you think of them, Jesus is the leader we should all be following. If I could vote for Jesus in this election there wouldn’t be a moment of doubt in my mind.

God Bless

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