Stepping Out Of The Boat

Everyone wants security, we look for it in different places, in different things. Some look for it in their family, others in their savings, still others in their skills. Many people find security in all these places but above all they feel secure because of their job. Because they have this thing that they can go to and work at and bring money back from.

As a Christian I may value each of these things but my security shouldn’t come from any one of them. My security comes from God alone, he is the only thing in existence that can really give me security.

I became convinced a few weeks ago that I would need to leave my job, that it was God’s will for me to leave it. I have always found comfort in being prepared and organised and having a plan, I have always needed to know what’s next. God worked in me and now I have left my job with nothing to go to but a God that I trust.

Please don’t read this and quit your job, I stayed in mine for years because every time I wanted to leave I would pray and become convinced it was God’s will for me to stay, but if God is challenging you to take a difficult step, trust him, let him be your security. Do what Peter did, get out of the boat and trust in Jesus. Don’t make the mistake he made though, don’t take your eyes off Jesus, don’t look down, keep looking at Jesus he won’t let you sink.

God Bless

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