Our Plans Don’t Include The Struggle, But Our Lives Do!

Life never goes to plan! I think I know why…

I don’t have a plan!

All I have is some dreams and desires which I try to pursue as best I can and so my “plan” is for them all to come true right now, which isn’t a plan, I don’t have a plan!

No one likes pain, no one wants their life to become unbelievably complicated and difficult and demanding. Our hopes and plans usually don’t include the struggle but our lives always do.

I have wanted to be a writer for so long and a couple of years ago I realised I saw myself more as a writer than anything else even though writing doesn’t make me a penny yet, so dream come true, well almost.

At the beginning of the year I finished my first book, so dream come true, well almost.

A couple of days ago I published my first book, (Unable to get an agent I turned to Kindle Direct Publishing) so dream come true, well almost. I am really proud to see my book finished and published, I’m astonished that I actually wrote a whole book and that is has characters and world building and a plot (and a couple of subplots) but at the moment it feels like it’s kind of vanity publishing. Until I start to get some sales, it being out there doesn’t change much.

I would never have written my own life with the struggles I’ve gone through and continue to go through but I still want to be a writer and so my struggles don’t really matter because my dream hasn’t changed and so my “plan” won’t either. I’m gonna keep pursuing my dream and you should keep pursuing yours.

God Bless

PS If you’re interested in my book search ‘Millennium Embers of Peace’ on Amazon.

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