Take A Risk

Why not? This is actually a really good question to ask yourself if you’re anything like me.

It is really easy to dismiss every thought because it’s obvious you’re being silly and that crazy idea you just had will never lead where you hope it might. The trouble with thinking this way is there really aren’t any sure things aside from God in life. That means that we have to take risks and put ourselves out there and try things.

I’ll tell you this for free, with God you can be sure of your salvation, you can be sure he loves you, you can be sure he forgives you but you can’t usually be sure what your life with God is gonna look like. There are millions of Christians and each one is different, they walk different paths through different challenges. God will help you through your challenges but he won’t tell you every detail and he certainly won’t tell you everything in advance.

Use your God-given wisdom, think things through but take a risk, if you do it with good intentions God will honour that. As much as you can, don’t talk yourself out of good things because of fear or insecurities.

God Bless

PS I understand that many people have big and complicated problems and I don’t want to be accused of giving a patronising “get over it” to those people. This is a word of encouragement for those who could take a step but don’t, that they may consider why they won’t pursue things they want to, and find the courage to take a step of faith.

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