The World Building God

Because I write science fiction I can’t just use the real world as a backdrop for the stories that I tell, I have to build a new one. I have to decide what kind of world it will be, what kind of politics and military and geography it has. I need a good idea of its history and what kind of perks and problems that has caused for its inhabitants. Now generally I just sketch out the general details of a world initially and fill in more details as I go but there are some writers who get so involved in world building they almost forget they’re even writing a book.

Even with all that time invested in creating answers to every question that could matter, even tangentially to the story, there are still mistakes and contradictions and places where the world just ends because that bit never got thought up. There are bits where the world just doesn’t make sense.

The real world doesn’t seem to have that problem. We have plenty of unanswered questions but the more we find out and the more we understand the more it becomes clear every question in our world has an answer. Everything that happens in our world is governed by variables which have a predictable and consistent affect.

For a world as complex as ours to work and make any sense it has to have been designed, doesn’t it?

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