Let Yourself Need

Hunger is important, it is hugely important, but we forget that because many of us never let ourselves get hungry. We eat large meals everyday before hunger has even hinted at showing it’s head.

God doesn’t.

I’m not talking about God having lunch but about the way God approaches need. We may give ourselves food before we need it but God waits until there is a need. He supplies the new job when it is needed, he brings a new friend to walk with us when we need them. So many Christians have wasted so much time and energy not understanding this. We keep doing things we know we should stop because there is no one else, without having the faith to realise that once there is a gap God will fill it. We hold off starting good initiatives because we don’t believe that God will provide the resources or the help rather than understanding that if it is in God’s will he will provide what is needed.

God can provide more than we can ever ask or imagine, his power is greater than we can know but he won’t fill a hole that doesn’t exist.

Let the need happen and trust that God can provide.

God Bless

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