The Crash

Almost a week ago a tragic accident happened a few minutes drive from my house on a section of road I’ve driven through thousands of times. A plane from the nearby airshow failed to pull out of a loop and crashed right on the main road killing eleven people. (Below is a link to one of the BBC’s articles about it.)

Something like forty thousand people live within about ten minutes drive of that spot and a quick search (link below) shows that around fifty thousand vehicles pass through that point every day.

It is a very surreal thing to be surrounded by so many people who are very aware that it is just a matter of timing that they weren’t on that road at that moment. Indeed my step father drove through there around an hour before the accident.

When something like this happens people are quick to try to make changes to stop it happening again. That is a good impulse but as sad as it is there is always risk in life. We can and we should try to make things as safe as possible but we can never remove risk all together.

As a Christian, I am comforted by a God who can bring good out of the worst things and I have the certain hope of an eternity free from pain and death. I pray that those who have lost might be comforted in the arms of God. I pray also that those who have been reminded of the very real possibility of life’s sudden end would consider what their lives have been about and what may come next.

In this, above all, my heart goes out to those grieving families, I know all too well the sort of mark this will leave on them forever and I would wish them all the comfort and support possible.

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