The Lasting Effect Of God

There are times in every person’s life when things change so fast and so completely that it takes a while to work out where you’re going or even who you are. This month has been like that for me. I had such a pain buried deep within me for so long that my life, my very character was built around it and once God, in his grace and power, took that pain out of me I had to work out what that meant for me. I had to work out who I am without that pain.

I am now a lot more relaxed and a lot less anxious. One of the biggest effects of this is that now the challenge of becoming financially independent and getting my own place feels more achievable. I graduated uni five years ago and I have spent those five years hiding from this challenge. I was so scared by it that I could barely think about ever having victory over it, let alone set to work achieving that victory. Now that fear is gone, it still seems like a big task but I’m almost excited to try to move forward through it.

Some people doubt the sort of experience I talked about in my last post. (signs wonders and the other ways god meets with us every day) I would tell them to ask this question of themselves or others who experience powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit – Did the experience have a lasting effect? 

If what you experienced is in line with the teachings of the Bible and it has a lasting effect then be thankful, you met powerfully with God and you are changed. For myself I know that the pain God took out of my heart and soul has changed me and changed my future, I will be thankful for this experience until the day I die and then I’ll go right on being thankful for the rest of eternity.

I pray that each of you would keep your eyes focused on God. Look to him in every problem, bring your broken lives and broken hearts to him and he will make you whole.

God Bless

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