Cuffs – BBC Films In My Part Of The World

There’s a new TV show that started on BBC a few weeks ago: it’s called Cuffs.

Cuffs is a Police drama, I’d say it’s even a good one, but that’s not why I started watching it. It is set in Brighton: which is only ten or twelve miles from where I live. This perfect opportunity to see familiar places through different eyes is made even better because a fair bit of the filming was done outside Brighton in places even closer to home. The biggest example of this is the Police Station, which is actually Adur Civic Centre. This building is all of five minutes walk from my Church.

It surprised me when I heard they were filming a big new BBC drama only a few miles down the road. We never expect the spotlight to fall on our “insignificant” part of the world. There are plenty of people who are like this with God, even as Christians we can fall into the trap of thinking God doesn’t notice us or isn’t interested in us. The great news is, even if they never film a show in your town and nothing else ever happens that might bring human attention, God notices you. He chooses to love you and value you and stand by you, he is always interested in you.

God Bless

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