Making God Understood

Perhaps you’re an expert in something. You have studied it so long and in so much detail that, while others would struggle to comprehend, you can explain it easily. That’s good isn’t it? A cause for satisfaction, of course, but what if we get like that about God?

I see two problems: that we think there is nothing left to learn, or that we lose the ability to explain him in a way that anyone who hasn’t spent years in Church can understand.

If you’re suffering from the first problem then you simply need to be reminded how huge and complex God is, put your pride to one side and admit there is still plenty to learn.

If you’re suffering from the second problem then read this – The Messiah, the very word of God, who existed before the world was created, became man and remained sinless as he lived and preached his way to his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection: through which we are redeemed, purified, and welcomed into eternity. – If this is how you speak to non Christians or even new Christians then you’re not saying anything wrong but, most likely, all you’re doing is confusing them. Christianity is not about pointing to your own intelligence but about pointing to God. He went to huge lengths to make himself understandable for us, becoming man, and even greater lengths to save us from a lost eternity. Let’s try to explain him in a way that people can understand otherwise what’s the point?

God Bless

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