The Itch Wall

Some problems are like walls of brick,

hard and strong and very thick.

We must scale them, or tunnel through to continue on our way.

Many have spoken on such things, much their words did say.

This verse concerns another ill,

those smaller problems that annoy us still.

They bother us, itch at us until we can’t ignore,

we scratch them, scratch again, scratch until we’re sore.

The more we scratch, the more we bleed,

we’re injured bad, we’ve done the deed.

That little itch is everything, that itch is all.

Within us we’ve made it huge, we’ve made a wall.

We try to scale it or tunnel through.

The challenge makes us grow but the wall is growing too.

We stare at it till it’s all we see,

if we can’t get rid of it, it’s all we’ll be.

Every scratch has made it bigger, every word has made it stronger,

we’ve tried to fight against this wall, but we can fight no longer.

It’s time to try another thought, run to live another day,

ignore the wall and look away.

The walls we built were the strongest of all,

we gave them us and it made them tall.

That itch-wall was drawing strength from every scratch,

denied you, it was no match.

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