Perseverance isn’t easy, it isn’t fun, it isn’t always dignified; there will be moments when you scream out in frustration or fall to the floor exhausted. You’ll sit there in the unwavering knowledge that you haven’t the strength to go on. You’ll sit there on that floor for minutes, hours, or even days, looking up at a job half done. You’ll give up and give in; then you’ll find the strength to go on again.

Who knows where you’ll find that strength; in yourself, in family, in God; but you will find it, you must! You’ll come to see that strength isn’t found in the new, undamaged, flawless ones; but in those who have been through the flames and the floods and the wars of this life and come battered out the other side: it is these ones who have faced it all and remain standing, these are are the strong ones.

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