Double Perseverance – The Missing Month

I didn’t look at my blog for a month and then I wrote a post about perseverance. I published it and what should I notice right underneath: my post about perseverance from a month ago; a post that I’d completely forgotten about until now.

Maybe that’s a clue to the missing month, my posts are often inspired by the things going on in my own life but this last month I’ve not done much but persevere. Like I said, it happens off stage. Everyone has to do it and it’s not all that interesting to live but just like the steam engine that chugs out of the station at walking pace that will go far and fast, the person who perseveres with pursuing their dreams may take some time to get anywhere but they will go further than the ones who will not try. So very much further than the ones who expect instant success.

When I wrote that first post I was months in with nothing to show for my perseverance; but, today my perseverance has brought me so close to my goal. I’m looking back at my efforts and I’m so glad I didn’t back down from the struggle. I’m so glad I persevered because now I’m that much closer. With perseverance you can make something of yourself.

God Bless

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