Persevering Happens Off Stage

Today I want to talk about perseverance. It may seem like a strange topic for my first post in over a month but it’s everything for me at the moment. It’s just the things I’ve persevered with haven’t included this blog in recent weeks.

Often the media would seem to suggest that perseverance is for people who just aren’t good enough; that the truly talented will be spotted and will rise quickly to the top. It’s part of the draw of the t.v. talent show:  that someone can, in the course of a few weeks go from unknown to the next big thing. All that really happens on these things is that the perseverance mostly happens off stage as it almost always does. Nobody wants to see the thousands of hours of practice and effort that go into getting good enough to really master anything so either it all happens before you ever see them or they do badly and all the perseverance happens later or sadly maybe it never does.

This isn’t a dig against t.v. talent shows, it’s a comment against the idea that anyone can ever become excellent at anything or achieve anything truly impressive without persevering in their pursuit of that goal.

Perseverance isn’t easy and it often isn’t fun, but if you want to do something you must find a way to keep practicing for, studying for, and reaching for, that goal; and most of all you must persevere in believing that you will get there.

God Bless

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