The King Is Your Friend

I like to think of myself as a loner, because I like to spend time in my own company and I need time away from people to gather energy and to think things through, but I don’t know where I’d be without my friends.

In the times when I have struggled most, when I’ve stressed to the point where I feel ill under the weight of everything I have tried to handle, in those times it has been my friends who I’ve leant on for understanding, acceptance and support. My friends are incredible.

There’s a song which I haven’t sung for years, “I am a friend of God.” I always liked the song but, a few years ago, when we used to sing it all the time I would often think along these lines; that’s good but if he’s my King and my Lord and my God why does it matter that he’s my friend, surely he’s so much more than a friend.

There’s a distance implied in many of the other things we call God. For example; he’s my King but then Elizabeth the second is my Queen, she’s never met me and she never chose to be my Queen but I was born in Britain so she’s my Queen. Friends are chosen, so when we call God friend we emphasise that he chooses us and we choose him. Friends are people we look to for support and advice and care, we can go to God for all this. Much as I like the Queen if I turned up at Buckingham Palace looking to talk about my problems and be cheered up I would be turned away; but God is my friend so I can walk right into his Kingdom, even into the very throne room of Heaven and he will receive me, he will listen to me, he will care for me.

He isn’t my friend or yours out of a fluke of circumstance or a demand of duty; he loves me and he loves you, he cares what happens to us. Go to him with the things of your life and he will care for you and encourage you, he will carry you through the toughest times and he will support you through every challenge and cheer for you in every success.

God Bless

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