The Jesus Thread

When you re-watch T.V you’ve seen before there is a safety in it, a certainty that you just didn’t have the first time through. All those moments where everything was a mess or things were hanging by the very thinnest of threads don’t feel the way they did the first time.

Years ago I knew a girl who had just become a christian; she knew and believed that Jesus came to Earth for her, to save her: because he loved her. She didn’t know how the story went so when she read of Jesus’ death she was in tears for the Lord she had just begun to love. She hadn’t seen or heard the rest, she didn’t know that he was raised to life three days later.

Just like this girl, when Jesus was on Earth he didn’t know how it would turn out. He became a human being with all the chances for failure that entails. When Jesus was tempted in the desert the fate of millions of human beings hung on his choice: to sin or not. Never in history has so much relied on the tiniest decisions of a single man!

When we read back over the life of our saviour, we should not let ourselves think success was certain or that the challenge was easy. He gave everything he had for us, he took a massive risk and paid an astonishing price. Don’t let familiarity with the ending let you forget the incredible journey.

God Bless

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