Why Would God Value Me?

One of the things I’ve questioned most, probably more than any other issue to do with faith, is why would I be valued?

I watched  a very strange documentary recently about grown adults who dress as dogs and spend time behaving like dogs: they have handlers, they eat from bowls, they sleep in cages and get taken for walks. When I saw the add I was curious as to why anyone would do something so strange: it turns out many, if not most, of these people had suffered bullying and social anxiety and they used this as a way of finding acceptance and affection from others. It is worrying that anyone would feel the need to go that far to form a connection but is it any different from people who feel the need to get drunk to relax or who starve themselves to near death in the hopes of being thought beautiful.

If you look around there are so many extreme things people will do in the hopes of being accepted and valued. So many of us struggle every day to believe that there is anything worth valuing in us that the very hardest thing to believe is that God values each of us, even loves each of us, just as we are.

He does.

God Bless

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One Response to Why Would God Value Me?

  1. Agreed 100%. You might enjoy my short story Parachutes Upon the Wind, in which I address that very thing. God loves all of His Creation, and, as much as He cares for and loves a simple wildflower, He loves us even more. But this is hard to see sometimes in this broken world. One importing thing for Christians to understand is that God does not promise to solve all of our problems while in the flesh. While He does intervene, our salvation is ultimately an eternal one, not a worldly one. Great post.

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