The Wanted Child

I don’t want kids.

I don’t want the drain on my strength and time and resources. I don’t believe I would be able to give a child what they would need, I struggle too much myself to put another person’s needs so completely above my own.

The Bible tells me that I have been adopted into God’s family, that I have become a son of God. This should be a good thing but it is so easy to slip into thinking God would see me the way I see a potential Son, (as a burden, a responsibility) But God didn’t get stuck with me because of some accident, he isn’t surprised by my needs or my failings, he isn’t a father grudgingly. He knew exactly how much trouble I’d be, how weak I’d be, and how much I would need his strength and he chose to be my father.

I don’t want kids but God did, God does. However you feel about your children or the idea of having children, know this: God wanted his children, he knew us before he created us and he wanted us; he knew us before he saved us and he wanted us; he knew us better than any father has ever known his child and he wanted us.

God Bless

I Am His

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