It’s Time To Be Better

It’s easy to look at the world and become discouraged at the abhorrent things done by humanity. People do horrible things to each other, there is no denying that, but we can never write-off humanity: along with the capacity for huge evil in the human heart there exists the potential for incredible beauty and creativity.

Everything else in creation just is what it is. A lion wouldn’t think twice about killing a Zebra to eat: that’s just what it does. By the same measure a Cow can’t think, ‘actually I have no moral objection to eating meat,’ and start hunting; it is what it is, it works on instinct. Humanity doesn’t have such a simple time of it; we have the capacity and therefore the responsibility to think about the things we do: especially about the way we treat each other.

The human mind is the most incredible thinking machine, a thing capable of such incredible beauty and creativity; it is  horrific to think of one being destroyed in hatred. There will always be disagreements about any number of huge and complicated issues in this world; we are a planet of billions who follow so many different philosophy’s, priorities and ethical codes. The idea that we could ever all agree on everything is ridiculous, but just as ridiculous is the idea that any of that gives us the right to shoot each other, attack each other, or kill each other.

Humanity is capable of incredible beauty, compassion, and invention but it is down to each one of us, every day, to respect ourselves and our fellow humans enough to put our energy into things that will lift our species, not things that will tear it apart.

We have had enough war and crime and hate to fill a thousand history books. It’s enough now, it’s time to be better.

God Bless

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