Who Is God Today?


Who are you today?

Who were you yesterday?

Who will you be tomorrow?

You might have three different answers and that is fine: life is all about change. We are all different people through our lives. We change all the time, sometimes it seems that the only constant of people is that if you take your eyes of them for a minute they won’t be quite the same when you look back. We see it all the time when we repeat an experience and have a different reaction because we just aren’t the same person we were before.

Last week I was in Somerset for a Christian festival called Soul Survivor. In this photo from this year’s event I can see the spot where I became a Christian thirteen years ago.  I remember it so well because the 13th August 2003 was the second time that my entire life changed before me.

Soul Survivor 2016 Ariel

From that day forward I began to know what it was to be loved absolutely by God who endures, unchanging and eternally loving. I have changed so much since that day almost half a lifetime ago, Soul Survivor has changed a fair bit too; but the God we worship has not changed, his love for us has not changed, his incredible devotion to us has not changed, his promise to each of us that follows him has not changed.

Who is God today? The one who loves you.

Who was God yesterday? The one who loved you.

Who will God be tomorrow? The one who loves you.

We will change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better but he is with us on the journey if we ask him to be: and he doesn’t change. You can rely on him.

God Bless.


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