Keep Trusting God

After fourteen months of unemployment I now have a job again!

I left my last job because I believed absolutely that God was leading me to leave it. I surprised a few people because I’m usually a risk-averse person but I did it because I trusted God and I believed he wanted the best for me.

There were times when it was very difficult. Times when I looked at my savings diminishing and I felt as though I would never have money coming in again. There were times when I got so stressed at the lack of direction and times after I had some direction that I thought no amount of training would ever get me the job God was leading me to. There were times when I lost faith and applied for other jobs. One of those jobs was almost identical to my old job so I really should have got it but God was barring that way, he knew which way he was sending me and he took me there.

God promises all sorts of things, the Bible is full of them, the lives of his people are full of them. The thing with God’s promises is that we often treat them like human promises, we assume that if it’s been a couple of months and they haven’t happened that they’ve been forgotten. That just isn’t the case. God knows the right timing, God knows the right moment, he can see just when it will be best. Don’t let yourself give up on the promises of God just because you have been waiting a while.

He is the one person we can truly trust. He is the one person who only ever says what he means and has the power to fulfill whatever he has promised. He is the one that saved us at the cost of great personal pain because he adores us, after he did that can we really believe that he will now abandon us?

Keep trusting.

God Bless

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