Peace In The Middle

Peace in the middle, there’s an idea.

War all around but peace right here.

Peace in the middle, what does that mean?

Walk tall in the onslaught,

stand firm in the fight.

Through searing pain, love is still seen.

Peace in the middle, how can we know?

 Our certain hope, we doubt so well.

He brings peace in our doubting, in our sin and our shame,

Christ, our sacrifice, he came that we might go.

Peace in the middle, now we are sure.

However we’re struck, wherever we wander,

there peace will be.

For now we are broken, soon we’ll have more,

the gates of Heaven swing open, we’ll dance through that door.


Nowhere in the Bible does it say God will take us away into some Christian bubble where everything is sunny and joyful, or at least not right away. We’re on our way to Heaven but on the way we have to walk through the same stuff as everyone else. God’s promise is not to remove us from trouble but to walk through it with us so that we might have peace and joy even in the middle of our troubles.

Don’t feel like less of a Christian for a single second if you’re struggling, if you feel like peace and joy are the furthest thing in the world from your heart, just know God has better for you. You can have peace and certainty in God even in the middle of everything.

God Bless.

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