Choose a Direction – Keep Walking

At what point does a repeated mistake stop being a mistake and become simply how we are choosing to live?

At what point does guilt stop being something we’re feeling because we know we have made a mistake and start being simply something we are pretending to feel so that we can convince ourselves we don’t approve of the things that we continue to choose time after time?

At what point do we stop pretending we’re who we would like to be and begin to get to know and love the person that we are?

How can we begin a journey if we don’t know where we are in the first place? How can we know which way to go if we refuse to accept that we are really where our choices have brought us to?

There is hope, when you know where you are you can begin to see where you should be going. Once we’re facing the right way it’s as simple and as complicated as walking until we get where we’re going.

God bless


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