Beauty And The Fight

Life is a fight: there’s no denying it. We have to keep fighting, we have to keep trying, often long after we thought we’d given everything we had to give.

That’s not all there is!

If all you can see is the fight, if you are pouring everything you have into standing still: into holding your ground, take a moment and find something beautiful to listen to or to look at; that moment just might save your life. In that moment you will see again why you fight, in that moment you will see again why it just might be worth it.

The fight is not all there is. I pray that you would see beauty today.

God Bless


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It’s Time To Be Better

It’s easy to look at the world and become discouraged at the abhorrent things done by humanity. People do horrible things to each other, there is no denying that, but we can never write-off humanity: along with the capacity for huge evil in the human heart there exists the potential for incredible beauty and creativity.

Everything else in creation just is what it is. A lion wouldn’t think twice about killing a Zebra to eat: that’s just what it does. By the same measure a Cow can’t think, ‘actually I have no moral objection to eating meat,’ and start hunting; it is what it is, it works on instinct. Humanity doesn’t have such a simple time of it; we have the capacity and therefore the responsibility to think about the things we do: especially about the way we treat each other.

The human mind is the most incredible thinking machine, a thing capable of such incredible beauty and creativity; it is ¬†horrific to think of one being destroyed in hatred. There will always be disagreements about any number of huge and complicated issues in this world; we are a planet of billions who follow so many different philosophy’s, priorities and ethical codes. The idea that we could ever all agree on everything is ridiculous, but just as ridiculous is the idea that any of that gives us the right to shoot each other, attack each other, or kill each other.

Humanity is capable of incredible beauty, compassion, and invention but it is down to each one of us, every day, to respect ourselves and our fellow humans enough to put our energy into things that will lift our species, not things that will tear it apart.

We have had enough war and crime and hate to fill a thousand history books. It’s enough now, it’s time to be better.

God Bless

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The Wanted Child

I don’t want kids.

I don’t want the drain on my strength and time and resources. I don’t believe I would be able to give a child what they would need, I struggle too much myself to put another person’s needs so completely above my own.

The Bible tells me that I have been adopted into God’s family, that I have become a son of God. This should be a good thing but it is so easy to slip into thinking God would see me the way I see a potential Son, (as a burden, a responsibility) But God didn’t get stuck with me because of some accident, he isn’t surprised by my needs or my failings, he isn’t a father grudgingly. He knew exactly how much trouble I’d be, how weak I’d be, and how much I would need his strength and he chose to be my father.

I don’t want kids but God did, God does. However you feel about your children or the idea of having children, know this: God wanted his children, he knew us before he created us and he wanted us; he knew us before he saved us and he wanted us; he knew us better than any father has ever known his child and he wanted us.

God Bless

I Am His

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Why Would God Value Me?

One of the things I’ve questioned most, probably more than any other issue to do with faith, is why would I be valued?

I watched  a very strange documentary recently about grown adults who dress as dogs and spend time behaving like dogs: they have handlers, they eat from bowls, they sleep in cages and get taken for walks. When I saw the add I was curious as to why anyone would do something so strange: it turns out many, if not most, of these people had suffered bullying and social anxiety and they used this as a way of finding acceptance and affection from others. It is worrying that anyone would feel the need to go that far to form a connection but is it any different from people who feel the need to get drunk to relax or who starve themselves to near death in the hopes of being thought beautiful.

If you look around there are so many extreme things people will do in the hopes of being accepted and valued. So many of us struggle every day to believe that there is anything worth valuing in us that the very hardest thing to believe is that God values each of us, even loves each of us, just as we are.

He does.

God Bless

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The Jesus Thread

When you re-watch T.V you’ve seen before there is a safety in it, a certainty that you just didn’t have the first time through. All those moments where everything was a mess or things were hanging by the very thinnest of threads don’t feel the way they did the first time.

Years ago I knew a girl who had just become a christian; she knew and believed that Jesus came to Earth for her, to save her: because he loved her. She didn’t know how the story went so when she read of Jesus’ death she was in tears for the Lord she had just begun to love. She hadn’t seen or heard the rest, she didn’t know that he was raised to life three days later.

Just like this girl, when Jesus was on Earth he didn’t know how it would turn out. He became a human being with all the chances for failure that entails. When Jesus was tempted in the desert the fate of millions of human beings hung on his choice: to sin or not. Never in history has so much relied on the tiniest decisions of a single man!

When we read back over the life of our saviour, we should not let ourselves think success was certain or that the challenge was easy. He gave everything he had for us, he took a massive risk and paid an astonishing price. Don’t let familiarity with the ending let you forget the incredible journey.

God Bless

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The King Is Your Friend

I like to think of myself as a loner, because I like to spend time in my own company and I need time away from people to gather energy and to think things through, but I don’t know where I’d be without my friends.

In the times when I have struggled most, when I’ve stressed to the point where I feel ill under the weight of everything I have tried to handle, in those times it has been my friends who I’ve leant on for understanding, acceptance and support. My friends are incredible.

There’s a song which I haven’t sung for years, “I am a friend of God.” I always liked the song but, a few years ago, when we used to sing it all the time I would often think along these lines; that’s good but if he’s my King and my Lord and my God why does it matter that he’s my friend, surely he’s so much more than a friend.

There’s a distance implied in many of the other things we call God. For example; he’s my King but then Elizabeth the second is my Queen, she’s never met me and she never chose to be my Queen but I was born in Britain so she’s my Queen. Friends are chosen, so when we call God friend we emphasise that he chooses us and we choose him. Friends are people we look to for support and advice and care, we can go to God for all this. Much as I like the Queen if I turned up at Buckingham Palace looking to talk about my problems and be cheered up I would be turned away; but God is my friend so I can walk right into his Kingdom, even into the very throne room of Heaven and he will receive me, he will listen to me, he will care for me.

He isn’t my friend or yours out of a fluke of circumstance or a demand of duty; he loves me and he loves you, he cares what happens to us. Go to him with the things of your life and he will care for you and encourage you, he will carry you through the toughest times and he will support you through every challenge and cheer for you in every success.

God Bless

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Double Perseverance – The Missing Month

I didn’t look at my blog for a month and then I wrote a post about perseverance. I published it and what should I notice right underneath: my post about perseverance from a month ago; a post that I’d completely forgotten about until now.

Maybe that’s a clue to the missing month, my posts are often inspired by the things going on in my own life but this last month I’ve not done much but persevere. Like I said, it happens off stage. Everyone has to do it and it’s not all that interesting to live but just like the steam engine that chugs out of the station at walking pace that will go far and fast, the person who perseveres with pursuing their dreams may take some time to get anywhere but they will go further than the ones who will not try. So very much further than the ones who expect instant success.

When I wrote that first post I was months in with nothing to show for my perseverance; but, today my perseverance has brought me so close to my goal. I’m looking back at my efforts and I’m so glad I didn’t back down from the struggle. I’m so glad I persevered because now I’m that much closer. With perseverance you can make something of yourself.

God Bless

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