The Knight Of Heaven

I heard recently, I’m not sure where, that a knight in shining armour is not the knight you want fighting for you because the only reason their armour would be so shiny is because they haven’t been tested in battle. I have no idea if that is factually true, I can’t say I know a lot about knights.

The word God brings up images of otherness, perfection, and power. Jesus, who is God, gave up that otherness, perfection, and power so that he could live with all the feebleness that we do. He lived with all the temptations, fears, and weaknesses that we carry. Jesus died for each of us, and was raised to life. Even as he is in Heaven now, the wounds remain. The scars that mark him show that he fought, they show that he suffered, they show that he endured.

A knight in shining armour might be a thing of beauty, but there is another kind of knight that I would rather follow. The knight that gave up safety to go out and fight, the knight that was beaten but never broken, the knight who still carries the marks of the battle he fought for us, the knight who never wavered in his determined cause to bring his family home, the knight who still champions us with every breath, the knight who gave us freely all that he had earned at such huge cost.

Jesus shines in beauty and grace, but, he is also the one that fought for you, the one who is still fighting for you.

God Bless.

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